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Clean (verb not adj.) House

Let me start by saying that I am preaching to myself more than to any other person who may stumble upon this post. Cleaning house is therapeutic – especially when it is done the right way. That leaves a big question on the table: What is the right way?  Well I’ll take the easy way out and say that it is simply the right way for you.

Ok so I would not be writing this if that was the final answer. Here are just a few tips I am trying to follow myself and ones I’ve seen work for others.

  1. Break the job up into manageable pieces – no one wants to spend an entire day cleaning the entire house (well not any sane person).
  2. Use proper body mechanics – cleaning is no fun when it hurts and you cannot clean at all if your back goes out on you. Learn more here.
  3. When you make a mess clean it up right away – this is the maintainance part of cleaning and makes the bigger jobs much smaller.
  4. Share the work – if there are other people in the house then they need to help with the cleaning. Children can take empty trash cans back to their place, spouses can carry the laundry basket back upstairs.
  5. Reward yourself! Take time to sit back and enjoy your hard work. Pat yourself on the back and let yourself enjoy something that is truly just for you.

Besides not being mortified when a neighbor expectantly drops by, cleaning has other benefits. I am less likely to trip over a stack of books and break my wrist (I do not want to be my own patient). I can find what I need more quickly. I enjoy my house more, and I actually like sitting in my bedroom reading a book rather than losing myself in the TV. Also I feel pretty good that I have made a personal goal (keep the house more clean/neat) and I am getting it accomplished.

I used to treat cleaning like the 50 yard dash – a sprint to the finish line that left me exhausted. I’ve realized that cleaning (the verb) is more like a marathon. When I pace myself but stay moving then the job becomes monumentally easier. I don’t think I will ever truly enjoy the act of cleaning but I am learning to enjoy the results enough that I don’t mind it as much.

So what are your cleaning secrets? Please leave a comment because I am still learning. Thanks!


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