The Year of the Dragon

One of the things I love about my husband being Vietnamese is – well of course all the great food, his incredible family – and adding another holiday celebration to the winter. Tet or the Vietnamese/Lunar New Year is celebrated on January 23rd this year and it’s the Year of the Dragon. Of course celebrating another culture’s holiday can be a little tricky.

Before kids we just celebrated by calling Ba and Me (Mom and Dad) and wishing them a year of fortune, health, joy, prosperity, and all the other wonderful things we could think of. Phu and I individually spoke to Ba and then Me. Sometimes we would get some type of special food that Phu remembered eating on Tet.

Now that we have children I want the traditions to run deeper. Of course the biggest memory my husband has is getting the beautiful red envelopes from relatives on Tet – they were filled with cash! That part of the holiday is easy to carry on but I wasn’t sure how else we could celebrate.

One tradition is to clean the house before Tet (Yeah that will probably not happen). But another is much more fun – getting new clothes. Every New Year I buy each of the kids a new outfit – for Kendra something red and for Andrew something blue. Then they pose for a picture that we send to their Ba Noi and Ong Noi (Grandma and Grandpa).

This year I’m hoping we can make some cute DIY dragons to hang up. I’ve also bought gold coins and put them in the red envelopes for classmates. Of course we still call Ba and Me to wish them “Chuc Mung Nam Moi!” And hopefully I’ll take lots of pictures and get them posted!


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