By Hand

So how can I be “Jennybyhand” if I’m no longer a hand therapist? Well the simple reason is that the title was not based totally on my profession. “By hand” is a term that brings up all sorts of images and meanings to me. First of all if something is done by hand then I assume that it is a one-of-a-kind, it is not mass-produced. I have been made by hand – by the hand of God – and we are all unique. That’s the other thing about doing something by hand – it tends to be imperfect in some way. But imperfections are not a bad thing. A misprint on a minted coin can make it worth far more than it would have been if it were perfect. I love seeing the variations in a hand-stitched blanket or the slightly askew brush strokes on a hand painted plate. I love when you can see the artist’s hand in the object that has been created. I sure hope that you can see the brush strokes of my Creator but I am a work in progress.

The other part of my blog’s title is a reference to my love of crafts. I’m not very good at them – crocheted blankets are shaped like trapezoid and I have a ton of unfinished projects. There is something so satisfying about creating something with your own hands. Whether it is re-building a car engine, decorating a room, or making a bracelet there is nothing like doing the job yourself.

So Jennybyhand will stay and my posts will probably become even more varied. I don’t know that I will stick to any single theme but that’s ok. That’s kind of how my life is anyway. I’m sure it’s just my mom reading this anyway – and that’s ok too. I learned a long time ago that you will enjoy life a lot more if you don’t take yourself too seriously.


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  1. Jeanette

    Love it.
    Yer MOM :0)

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